5G Networks

5G radios are designed and manufactured in the UK by CableFree: Wireless Excellence.
We are proud to be the UK’s only 5G Base Station vendor, with products shipping worldwide.

CableFree 5G Networks

CableFree 4G & 5G radios are feature rich, high performance and offer latest standards for 5G-SA and 5G-NSA networks, covering all defined frequency bands from 400MHz to 6GHz.   Macro and Small Cell radios are available

If you’re looking to upgrade to 5G, or even update your 4G network, consider CableFree for your network choices.

5G gNodeB Radio Base Stations

5G Networks and Radio Products : CableFree 5G SA
5G Radio Networks

5G radio base stations are a key element of modern wireless networks – to ensure super-fast capacity as well as future-readiness of cellular network architecture, opening up new service-creation opportunities. 5G NR Carrier Aggregation extends the capacity and coverage of mid- and high bands when combined with NR on low bands.

With latest generation software-defined radios (SDR), you can switch on 4G and 5G on sub-6GHz bands using your 5G Radio baseband & radio heads, and share spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on customer traffic demand.

Standalone New Radio (NR) Base Station

5G NR (New Radio) is a new air interface developed for the 5G network. It is supposed to be the global standard for the air interface of 3GPP 5G networks

This software-defined radio feature enables service providers to launch 5G commercially while bringing the multiple benefits of ultra-low latency, improved 5G capacity and greater coverage. It supports a future-proof architecture as well as a wide range of new applications and use cases.

Applications for 5G Radios

In addition to mobile operator networks, 5G is also expected to be widely used for private networks with applications in industrial IoT, enterprise networking, and critical communications. Private 5G, just like Private LTE will be a key growth sector as corporations and diverse market vertical applications require high performance dedicated networks.

Evolution from 4G to 5G: NSA and SA modes

Initial 5G NR launches will depend on existing LTE (4G) infrastructure in non-standalone (NSA) mode (5G NR software on LTE radio hardware), before maturation of the standalone (SA) mode (5G NR software on 5G NR radio hardware) with the 5G core network. Modern Software Defined Radios offer seamless upgrades from 4G to 5G-NSA and 5G-SA modes whilst preserving hardware and software investment in the network.

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